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Treasure Coast Firearms Training was developed to meet the needs of ALL students from Beginning Shooters to those who wish to pursue Advanced Situational Training.

We are a Woman and Veteran owned Limited Liability Company. We feel an obligation to ensure that our classes are led by the most qualified trainers in the discipline at hand. Our instructors take an interest in each and every student in an effort to make sure no one feels left behind. No more of that herd mentality you’ve experienced in other classes!

Our amazing staff includes a variety of NRA Counselors, Instructors (many with backgrounds as professional shooters), Military, Special Ops, Law Enforcement, and other Government Agency Contractors. Various attorneys work with us to teach Legal Matters, which are included in many of the lessons.

Our students can expect a personalized training approach so they can learn in an environment that is free of egos and bravado. Many clients told us over the years they felt intimidated by their instructors or disliked their instructors adverse teaching style. Worse than that, the students felt pushed through a course feeling they became certified but not qualified to be proficient with their new firearms training.

We offer students classroom instruction, a laser recoil firearms simulator training system in the classroom (when appropriate) and live range fire for all skill levels outside the classroom. The laser recoil firearms are the closest authentic design of actual firearms used by professional shooters, military, special ops and law enforcement.

We are committed to making your education fun, thorough, and safe. Your educational experience and proficiency matter the most to us! We are here for you.

Train with our team of conscientious, friendly, safety minded instructors today! Become part of our family and community. We guarantee, you’ll be happy you found us…


Invite a friend, family member, or colleague to take the NRA Basic Pistol Course with you and earn a $25 discount towards your own class. (Successful completion of this course earns the student a certificate valid for a Concealed Weapons Permit.) If you are already a member of the Treasure Coast Firearms Training Family, bring us a new student and receive either $25 towards your next training with us OR a $25 gift certificate. Limited time only!

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No matter if you are a beginner or fairly advanced, Treasure Coast Firearms will help take your training to the next level

Client Testimonials

After much thought, I knew it was time for me to purchase a firearm and understand how to use and carry it. My instructor went above and beyond to not only educate me but help me become comfortable behind the handgun. I never thought that I would enjoy it so much. I am now finalizing my third course with Treasure Coast Firearms and my husband and son are on their second course. I cannot thank Treasure Coast enough for teaching myself and my family about personal protection.

Karen Jacobson

NRA Personal in-home protection course

I have worked with a few different firearms and tactical training companies throughout Florida. Treasure Coast Firearms is by far, the most comprehensive training company I have come across yet. Their coursework is thought-provoking and they also relate it to real-time scenarios. I will continue to advance my training and techniques as much as I can.

Tyler Kent

NRA Instructor Course

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